Christmas Lights through the Mirror Lens

The other week I was playing around with my new Rokinon 500mm f/5.6 mirror lens down in the park in Port Hope, shortly after it was festooned with Christmas lights.  Since the mirror lens has an annular bokeh, I thought that it might make for some interesting images by deliberately looking to make use of that bokeh.

For a couple of them, I simply left the lens out of focus (1, 5,6), to create abstractions from the bokeh.  In the sixth image, I shook the tripod to get a complete blur out of the image.

For the remainder of the images, I chose to focus on some lights, and leave others out.  Because of the very high contrast of the scene, I decided to use HDR to coax details out of the highlights and darks.


Christmas Lights through the Mirror LensBill Hornbostel

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