My second trip to Iceland was in February 2017; I was determined to capture images of the rugged countryside under the mantle of winter. The low winter sun of the far north proved a great help as well, because it stretched the golden hour to cover most of the day.

After spending a night in Reykjavik, I drove north to Snæfellsnes, a peninsula jutting into the North Atlantic on the west side of Iceland. The goal was the national park on the tip of the peninsula, the heart of which is the dormant volcano Snæfellsjökull. After a couple of days there (and being snowed in by a major storm one day), I drove south to the southern coastline, with Vík and Jökulsárlón as the main stops.

The beauty of Iceland in the winter has some similarities with winter on the shore of Lake Ontario. Our brains process the surface of ice and snow as white, yet there are many subtle shades present in that white. I sought to bring those shades out in my images.

While it was challenging to shoot in the weather conditions some days, it was ultimately worth it for the images that I captured.

If you are interested in purchasing a print, please contact the Elaine Fleck Gallery.

IcelandBill Hornbostel
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