The Lake in Winter

Winter changes the landscape.  It peels away the concealing growths of greenery, scraping the landscape down to its bare bones.  Then it adds new elements, snow and ice, layering them over surfaces and creating something new.

As winter changes the fields and the forests, so it changes the shores of Lake Ontario.  Gone is the verdant cloak, and hanging in its place are the frozen trappings of the bleak season.  As the temperature drops and the waves continue to pound the shore, an encrustation of ice and snow builds up on the rocks and the sand, accreting into a thick shelf that becomes the new shoreline, creeping out into the lake.

With the snow and ice come new forms, new colours, new beauty.  Those are the things which I seek, and this ongoing series is devoted to their study.

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The Lake in WinterBill Hornbostel
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