Useful non-photographic gear for photographers: the headlamp

There are a few pieces of gear that outdoor photographers should have that aren’t actually photographic equipment.  One such item is the lowly headlamp.  No need to go apey and get a high-end headlamp like this one or (gag on price tag) this one– you aren’t trying to light up the whole countryside like it is daylight, after all.  A simple, inexpensive one like this model (shown here) will do just fine.

Why, you ask, is this useful?  Because when you shoot in the twilight of dawn and dusk, you are going to be in darkness at the beginning or end of your shoot.  This might present a slight problem in getting to or from your shoot location.  The headlamp is also more useful than a regular flashlight, because it frees up your hands to do other things, such as setting up your tripod and camera.  It also happens to be a useful bit of kit for camping, which might be a part of your photo outing anyway, and for exactly the same reasons.  Sure, you’ll look a little dorky.  But the wildlife, trees, rocks, etc. really won’t care.


Useful non-photographic gear for photographers: the headlampBill Hornbostel

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