The form of the manufactured structure is, to my eyes, a sort of artificial mountain. In its overpowering size, in its peaks and crags, grand architecture imitates natural rock formations. But where mountains are shaped by natural forces, the human intellect of the architect has a statement to make in the play of geometric forms. In my studies of architecture, I look to understand that statement and showcase it in a way that brings out the beauty of that structure, sometimes in a way that is unusual and unfamiliar to the viewer. I have chosen black and white for my images of architecture in part to remove the distracting information of colour from the image, and in part to draw the viewer’s attention to the sharp and hard qualities of the manufactured form that stand in contrast to the rough natural forms that surround those forms, or the smooth blur of clouds in a long exposure image. Many of my architectural images are also long exposure images, because it emphasizes the enduring nature of the structures and the geometric principles used in their design.

My architectural studies remain an ongoing series. To date, the architecture now spans locations in several countries: Canada, the United States, France, Iceland, and the United Kingdom.

If you are interested in purchasing a print, please contact the Elaine Fleck Gallery.

ArchitectureBill Hornbostel
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